What’s the “Marketing Of Everything” ?

“Nowadays TV is digital, with apps like Pandora and Spotify radio is also digital, and all the newspapers and magazines have a digital version, so it’s pretty hard to put a wrap into the definition of Digital Marketing” … with an intro very similar to this, my Digital Marketing Professor Jeff Loechner tried to draw a picture for the class of the break from traditional media to digital media, and the transforming role marketing is playing.

In the era of the Internet and digital media the channels for brands to approach the consumers are multiplying every single day, think about how many social networks do you know about, how many apps do you use, were do you check your emails, where do you watch your favorite TV shows? … The list of questions is long and in all of those places brands are present.

If the term “The Internet of Everything” has been coined, with the meaning that the Internet is taking a larger role in our lives and everything is connected, shouldn’t us the marketers start thinking on how to leverage on those trillions of touch-points that are going to be generated? Shouldn’t we start thinking in the “Marketing of Everything”?