Hyper-Targeting: Good or Bad ?

They Laughed When I Sat Down At the Piano But When I Started to Play!… One of the most celebrated pieces of ad from all times, from one of the fathers of marketing and advertising John Caples. It originally ran in 1925 and even back then Caples was trying to target potential customers looking for piano lessons.


Targeting is no other thing than developing and placing a specific communication (an ad) to reach consumers based on their specific characteristics (demographic, geographic, psychographic, etc.).

Now taking a 90 year leap from Caples piano lessons ad, in a world of digital display advertising, SEM and social media targeting has become a fundamental process. Brands are pushing for more effectives ways to reach the consumers, but they also want a detail ROI analysis and real time metrics. This makes the digital channels the new battlefield for brands competing to reach costumers, and targeting the new way to leverage the data deluge available online.

But what happens when you want to reach a extremely specific niche, you pile targeting variable on top of others in order to build the desired population and then it hits you, the group of people you are trying to reach online is only a few hundred … This is known as Hyper-targeting and can represent a serious threat to your digital campaign.

Understanding the problems if our audience gets to small to reach, let’s now review some good tips to make the most of targeting from AOL’s Display University:

1) Use your resources: Incorporate everything and everyone that will add value to the planning process, salespeople and customer service know the customer better than anyone

2) Start with a broad target: Looking at a larger audience gives you the opportunity to modify the parameters as you go, being able to react better to the marketplace and using the data more efficiently.

3) Let the network work for you: Ad servers and ad networks have built in optimization technologies, Google Adwords for example, opting-in for these suggestions will allow you to have a better outcome in your targeting.

Sources: https://www.advertising.com/displayuniversity/audience-and-targeting/hyper-targeting



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