The difference between keywords and queries

If you know about search marketing, and by this I simply mean that you have used a search engine before, then you know that the search query is the backbone of the process. We type our queries into the search engine with the hope that the results displayed will be the ones we are looking for.

If you are like me, then you used to think that a search query and a keyword were actually the same thing, a word or combination of words that reflected our intent for information. But as semantic as it may seems, there are actually different things, and to be successful in the SEO game marketers must understand such differences, let’s take a deeper look into the concepts of each:

The Keyword: 

The keyword is the exact term marketers are targeting in an SEO or SEM campaign, meaning what marketers are advertising as a part of its strategy. For example: “Blue Jean”

The Queries:

Is what the user of the search engine types in order to find something, is subjective because a query can be typed in literally thousands of ways to find the same thing (Address, Product/ Service, Information). For example:

Screen Shot 2015-04-08 at 12.01.10 PM

So what’s the big deal? you maybe asking, well it’s simple marketers have to try and make its keywords as inclusive but as the same time as matching as possible to their customers queries, thats the key to a good campaign.


The first step of a SEO or SEM campaign is a keyword research, digging for the perfect keywords to target, after identifying them marketers should broaden such keywords to be inclusive of all possible queries (see image above), and in that process the discovery of others strong keywords is common.

Remember, if you want to satisfied your customers you have to place yourself in their shoes, keywords are not real but queries are very real! by going the extra mile and understanding this you will always be present at your customers search result page.

The source of this post information is an article from the Search Engine Journal, I invite you to read it at:



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