The seamless experience.

If you live in New York, chances are that you know what is, or at least you have walked by a restaurant that has the seamless sticker on their window.

 logo is an online delivery service, that enables the users to order food virtually from any restaurant in their neighborhood and have it delivered to their homes, all payments including the tip  are done online before ordering. Sounds great right? having literally thousands of options to choose and all from the convenience of your mobile device.

But with that many options, how do consumers know which food would they like? or how does the food look? after all, eating is as much as as a visual experience as it is about taste. What if before trying a new restaurant or a new dish you could see online how that meal is cooked? wouldn’t that mitigate the risks of ordering food in a new place? as attractive as this may sound to the consumers, hasn’t used much video in their advertising campaigns, they could leverage of this type of restaurant (their partners) generated content and used them to create a series of fun and interactive online videos.

The videos could be edited on a 1 min ad and be distributed among several online media outlets, social networks and even on their own website. This way they would be empowering their partners by sharing their content, showing their consumers how the food they order is made, and lastly doing something more interesting than their current subway banners.



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