Social Marketing in 2015: It’s not free anymore and it is still all about content.

Yesterday I read two very interesting articles about how the landscape of social media marketing was going to play out this year, the first one by Michael Price for the Huff Post and the second one by Roger Katz for ClickZ (find the links at the bottom)

Both authors talk about what they expect is going to happen in social media marketing in 2015, they  have great points and also slightly different angles. But more interestingly they both agree in two trends: 

It’s not free: Social media is exponentially growing in budget allocation among the biggest brands. If you saw the 2015 Super-Bowl ad of Coca-Cola you should know that they spent + $4 MM in a 60 second ad that seeks to support their whole upcoming 2015 digital strategy; so try to figure out how much money they are investing in social media marketing. If you are new to the social media game or if you are not being successful at it, I suggest you stop thinking of social media as an intern’s role and plan to invest heavily on it.

Content is still the king: With new social channels appearing everyday, companies are struggling to be present in all of them (and with relevant content), this is driving many companies to hire agencies to produce their contents. In my opinion this is a huge mistake, content seats in the middle of any digital marketing strategy, and outsourcing it is only gonna diminish its quality. If you want to be a star or keep being one in social media you should strive to produce content that’s truly meaningful and informative for your audience.


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