The Role of Digital Marketing

Is Digital Marketing better for branding or for direct response campaigns?

In the early years of the Internet (I know this sounds like a biblical quote) the tasks consumers did online were restricted to a handful of activities, the favorite one and still heavily used, was sending and receiving emails. People got to their offices at 8 am and started sorting thru a bunch of emails, some work related, other offers from tech savvy companies and even some news feeds from content providers like AOL or Yahoo.

Back then someone figured out that companies could send their direct marketing correspondence to the emails they had in their databases and save the money of printing and sending huge catalogs by traditional mail, from then on the applications provided by the internet for direct marketing have been mind blowing! From sending millions of different mails to your different target segments in seconds, to developing a programatic campaign to target a zip code with an special regional offers thru their mobiles, the possibilities have become endless.

And what about branding? Well with the proliferation of social networks as a type of media a new channel of communications has been opened, and in this one the audience not just listens but also speaks back. Brands are using the social networks to interact with their costumers and promote their products and services, examples like CocaCola evidence that if done well Digital Marketing can become the ultimate tool for branding.

Like the name of this blog suggests, the trends show that the consumer will become a constantly connected individual and that all marketing applications will be online rendering the current concept of Digital Marketing to become the concept of Marketing.



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